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Seminar: Social Data Mining WS2014/2015

Course Information

Credit Unit: 4
Time: Tuesday 12:00 - 14:00
As part of B.Sc in Cognitive Science

Background Data

Twitter data:

Date Number of Tweets
12 July 2014 11,441,826
13 July 2014 13,439,779
14 July 2014 11,091,365

Final projects

Topic Team
Image of Project Subjective Sentiment Analysis, Movement Tracking and Airport Localisation Jonas Görlich
Constantin Lehmann
Pascal Nieters
Image of Project Spatio-temporal dependent sentimental analysis Ariane Hall
Florian Mäschig
Image of Project User behavior in Twitter Data Sebastian Höffner
Kimberly Gerbaulet
Image of Project The German and Spanish Twitter Analyser Andrea Suckro
Lukas Rein
Henning Wübben

Assignment Contributions

Assigment 1:
Tweets and their occurrences
Assigment 2:
Common topics
Common topics
Assigment 3:
Common Hashtags
Assigment 4:
Spatio-temporal of tweets
Assigment 5:
Sentimental analysis
Sentimenatal Analysis for Soccer match Sentiment Analyis for Soccer  match