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In the area you can find selected downloads and demos.
Please notce: All downloads and demos are copyright reserved. In case of demos you might be forwarded to a special website.


  Description Download
iSeg iSeg
iSeg - the interactive annotation and segmentation tool.
(Version: 0.0.5)
(developed by J. Schöning and P. Faion 2016)

*If iSeg.exe does not start correctly, install Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 (vcredist_x64.exe)

Windows x64*
Linux x64
MacOS x64
Interactive tool for color based segmentation.(JAVA plugin necessary)
(developed in a student software project at Stuttgart University by M. Bischof, J. Kaiser, S. Müller in 2010)
DeGuM Web Application
DeGuM Download


  Description Watch now!
Interactive feature growing Interactive feature growing for accurate object detection in megapixel images. EPIC@ECCV16
iSeg Demo of iSeg - the interactive annotation and segmentation tool. iSeg ICPRAM16
iSeg K-CAP15
FOREST Presentation of the ground truth annotation tool (developed in FOREST project). FOREST (en)