8.3347 Natural Language Generation for Interactive Systems


Type Language Semester Credits Hours Room Time Term Year
S e 5 4 2 Mi 10-12 W 2017
BSc: optional compulsory (Wahlpflichtbereich)
BSc examination field: Computational Linguistics (KOGW-WPM-CL)
MSc: Major subject
MSc major: Linguistics and Computational Linguistics


Prerequisites: none

Linguistic output of commercial dialogue systems is often generated on the basis of simple template-based mechanisms. Next generation interfaces such as of intelligent personal assistants, however, demand more advanced language generation techniques tailored to the needs of interactivity. The seminar will provide a state-of-the art overview of natural language generation in interactive systems. We will discuss classic NLG issues from an interactive point of view as well as inherently dialogue related NLG topics.

Link: http://www