8.3314 ANNs for depth estimation, 3D reconstruction and 3D printing (KOGW-MPM-IDK)

Schöning, Krumnack

Type Language Semester Credits Hours Room Time Term Year
S e 4 2 Fr 14-16 S 2017
BSc: optional (Wahlbereich)
MSc: Major subject
MSc major: Artificial Intelligence
MSc major: Neuroinformatics and Robotics
MSc Interdisciplinary Course


Prerequisites: Basic knowledge about computer vison, artificial neuro-networks (ANN), and programming experience (e.g. C++, openCV, Keras MATLAB ), strong interest in the reconstruction of replicas using multiple algorithms.

How to use artificial neuro-networks (ANN) to predict depth information from a monocular camera, to reconstruct 3D structures from photos, to preprocess 3D objects for 3D printing? Or even come up with own topic related ideas. This practical course will attempt to create new ideas as well as first prototypes applying ANNs in the domain of 3D computer vision and 3D printing. By creating own ideas and by implementing them, students attending this course will learn to transfer their theoretical knowledge into real prototypes and also learn how to set up the necessary hardware.

Link: http://www