8.3244 Word Learning: From Sound to Meaning

Mueller, Liu

Type Language Semester Credits Hours Room Time Term Year
S e 4 4 2 Mo 14-16 S 2017
BSc: optional compulsory (Wahlpflichtbereich)
BSc examination field: Computational Linguistics (KOGW-WPM-CL)
BSc examination field: Cognitive Psychology (KOGW-WPM-KNP)
MSc: Major subject
MSc major: Linguistics and Computational Linguistics
MSc major: Cognitive Psychology
MSc Interdisciplinary Course


Prerequisites: None

The seminar will treat various linguistic, cognitive and neurophysiological aspects of word learning at different stages of human development from early infancy to adulthood. Word learning is one of the central processes in language acquisition and provides the basis for constructing sentences and entering into discourse. Which external cues allow us to extract word form and meaning? What kind of cognitive abilities and constraints scaffold the first steps of word acquisition? What is the underlying neural substrate needed for the acquisition of novel words? We will discuss papers from the theoretical field as well as empirical studies in order to develop a firm basis to discuss these questions.
ETCS credits will be earned via an oral presentation and an additional test during the term.

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