8.3058 Action & Cognition II (Seminar) (KOGW-WPM-NW, KOGW-MWPM-NW)

König, König

Type Language Semester Credits Hours Room Time Term Year
S e 4 4 2 Mo 12-14 S 2017
BSc: optional compulsory (Wahlpflichtbereich)
BSc examination field: Neuroscience (KOGW-WPM-NW)
MSc: Major subject
MSc major: Neuroscience


Prerequisites: Action & Cognition Lecture 1 & 2

In this seminar, it is the follow-up of Action & Cognition I in the winter term, we discuss the physiological substrate of cognitive processes with an emphasis on their relation to behavior. On your journey through the brain we will meet object recognition, attention, decision processes, movement planning and consciousness. A bias will be on physiological mechanisms, but due attention to clinical aspects, theoretical analysis and information theoretic measures will be given.

The seminar is designed as an advanced course. Knowledge of Action & Cognition 1, 2 lecture or attenting the lecture in parallel is assumed.

Link: http://www