8.3340 Cognitive Illusions


Typ Sprache empf. Semester ECTS SWS Raum Zeit Semester Jahr
S e 3 4 2 Mi 10-12 W 2017
Anastasia Mukhina ist eine weitere Lehrende dieser LV
BSc: Wahlpflichtbereich
BSc Prüfungsgebiet: Kognitive Psychologie (KOGW-WPM-KNP)


Prerequisites: Lecture Cognitive Psychology / Neuropsychology

The human information processing system knows many shortcuts which often help us, e.g., to make quick decisions and store information efficiently. Unfortunately, the same mechanisms can lead us astray, and they may result in less than optimal problem solving or plainly wrong judgments and memories. In this seminar we will explore a number of cognitive phenomena that show the flip side of flexible and adaptive information processing.

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