8.3073 Action & Cognition I (Lecture) (KOGW-MWPM-NW)

König, Gert

Typ Sprache empf. Semester ECTS SWS Raum Zeit Semester Jahr
V e 3 4 2 Mo 18-20 W 2017
BSc: Wahlpflichtbereich
BSc Prüfungsgebiet: Neurowissenschaft (KOGW-WPM-NW)
MSc: Major subject
MSc major: Neuroscience


Prerequisites: Previous attendance of Sensory Physiology, Foundations of Cognitive Psychology is encouraged, but not required.

In this lecture, and its follow-up Action & Cognition II in the summer term, we discuss the physiological substrate of cognitive processes with an emphasis on their relation to behavior. On your journey through the brain we will meet object recognition, attention, decision processes, movement planning and consciousness. A bias will be on physiological mechanisms, but due attention to clinical aspects, theoretical analysis and information theoretic measures will be given.

Attending the seminar (Action & Cognition I, seminar) is encouraged, but not required.

This course is intended for Bachelor students in their third term.

Link: http://www