ICMC 2017 in Osnabrück: 9-11 June

International Conference on Multimodal Communication: Developing New Theories and Methods
With cognitive science superhero MARK TURNER!
For details please visit the conference website

OCCAM 2017 & socSMCs Workshop ahead


The 6th OCCAM Workshop on "Mechanisms and models of social interaction", this time jointly with the socSMCs EU-project, will take place in Osnabrück from 6th to 8th July 2017:

The OCCAM (Osnabrück Computational Cognition Alliance Meeting) is organized by Gordon Pipa, Frank Jäkel and Peter König and brings together well established outstanding researchers as well as young promising scientists.

What is Cognitive Science? - Der Film zum "Handbuch Kognitionswissenschaft"

In dem durch ein Studienprojekt entstandenen Film "What is Cognitive Science?" wird in 80 Minuten erklärt, was die Studenten und Studentinnen an ihrem Studiengang interessant finden.
Der Film ist sowohl sehenswert für echte CogScis als auch besonders für interessierte Laien und natürlich für diejenigen, die bisher keine zufriedenstellende Antwort auf die Frage erhalten haben: "Kognitionswissenschaft? Was ist das eigentlich?".

"The Science of our Minds" – The new official promotional video

The Institute of Cognitive Science in Osnabrück proudly presents "The Science of our Minds" – The new official promotional video.

How does our brain work?
What is the relationship between mind and brain?
Is it possible to create artificial intelligence?
These are questions, the scientists at the Institute of Cognitive Science in Osnabrück deal with.

 IKW Forschungskolloquium: